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Lake Festival

Do not miss visiting the Schliersee Lake Festival. This great local event always takes place during the last weekend in July. Three days long you can enjoy being here. Watch Schuhplattler and Whip Cracker performances and take a look at all the traditional costumes and around you. One of the most famous highlights is the so called „Fischerstechen” (water jousting) and the brilliant firework. The firework starts at 10 p.m. and for sure will captivate you and all the other visitors. 

No matter on which day you plan to visit the Schliersee Lake Festival, you can expect a colourful programme with concerts, traditional dances, sports activities as well as traditional costumes on stage. Refreshments and food are also being served.

While your Children can have fun at the so called „Kinderland”, you can stay at the fairground of the festival and have a snack, a „Brotzeit” or enjoy being entertained by the Schliersee non-profit associations.

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Schliersee Lake Festival


Usually during the last weekend in July at the Lake Festival terrain.



Mountain Lake Festival

One of the unique attractions and most popular highlights of the regional event calendar of Schliersee is the Mountain Lake Festival at lake Spitzingsee. It is one of the highlights of our regional event calendar. Many visitors and even the locals consider this event as insider tip.

The whole festival area is surrounded by a unique alpine panorama. You can enjoy lots of attractions, e.g. a historical tractor round trip, a traditional campfire at the lake shore, illuminated boats on the water and a great cascade of fireworks.

Performers in traditional costumes and performing groups from Schliersee and the administrative district of Miesbach organise the evening programmes at the lake. If you are looking for a snack or would like to eat some culinary specialities, visit the small boots of the landlords of Spitzingsee and local associations.

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Mountain Lake Festival at lake Spitzingsee

This event normally takes place at the third Saturday in August. The alternate date is the following Sunday.



Forest festival

The Schliersee Forest Festival is a real Bavarian tradition. Every year in the middle of August it takes place and starts with a huge procession. It starts at the main railway station in Schliersee and ends inside the beer hall at the forest fairground. The locals like to wear their traditional Bavarian costumes. You can see many kinds of dirndl dresses and leather trousers. The procession is led by the Schliersee marching band and the mayor.

Every guest will find a place to sit inside the spacious beer hall. You will meet locals, other guests from around the world, young and old during the so called „Frühschoppen” (morning pint). And in the afternoon or in the evening you can eat a Bavarian „Brotzeit”, grilled chicken, barbecue specialities and a „Mass” beer.  

Even children will have a good time. They can play as long as the like at the playground nearby the forest fairground.

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83727 Schliersee

Whitsun Festival

Every year at Whitsun a big festival takes place at the forest fairground in Schliersee. The „Eisclub Schliersee” organises this four-day-event.

The festival starts on Friday afternoon with the tapping of the barrel. After church on Whitmonday, locals and guests meet at the „Frühschoppen” (morning pint). At noon lunch is being served.

On all four festival days traditional orchestras play Bavarian music and the beer hall kitchen staff prepares rolled roast, sausages and grilled chicken. You also can enjoy fresh pretzels, radish and cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, visit the almond booth or order some cake from the cake buffet in the afternoon.

The bar opens every evening during the festival and wine lovers meet at the vine arbour.

If it is rainy and chilly outside, the beer hall is heated.

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Voglherdstr. 16
83714 Miesbach 

Fountain Festival

At the beginning of August the Schliersee brass-band invites everyone to come to the Fountain Festival in Schliersee. In front of the „Musikantenbrunnen” (musicians fountain) you can listen to various musically performances.

(in 2022: August, 6th, at 11 a.m.)

All day long many different musicians and groups perform at the fountain, e.g. Schliersee, Schliersee alp horn blowers and the Schliersee whip crackers.

During the festival all guests can have a snack and enjoy grilled meat, sausages, fresh radish, cheese and stock fish. Cool drinks and other beverages also are being served during the day.

Come and visit the Fountain Festival. The revenue will be used for a good cause - for the work with young talents of the Schliersee brass-band. The admission is free of charge. 

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Schlierseer Blasmusik e. V.
Ortererstraße 7
83727 Schliersee

at the „Musikantenbrunnen” (musicians fountain) near Bot Mair Taxi Huber



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