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At the TC Neuhaus you can also play tennis in winter. Both tennis courts at the air dome are situated at the foot of the mountain Jägercamp. Tennis players of all classes and ages, from professionals to ambitious players, hobby players and children can play here. You can change clothes in the locker rooms of the Clubhouse. After playing a match and before going back home or to your hotel, come and visit the so called Stüberl. Here you will be served some snacks and beverages


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Shooting sports

Archery is one of the oldest hunting types and scientists think, that mankind already used bows and arrows for hunting more than 14.000 years ago. During the 19th century archery developed to a trend sport and nowadays it also is known as an Olympic discipline. In Schliersee you can train archery during summer and winter. At regular intervals even tournaments take place in the region.

Bows and arrows are very light and correspond to the latest technical level of development. If you are practising archery, please always make sure to wear close fitting clothes. To avoid possible injuries, please do not wear piercings, earrings, watches and necklaces. The bow is held very near to your face and your body and the jewellery can tangle up easily. In winter please do also not forget to wear warm outer clothing and shows. Archery helps you train your body control, your concentration and helps you to calm down. It is necessary to stretch the bow and to aim at the target which is marked with rings. The shooters have to follow the status lights and have to try to hit the middle of the target. The nearer your arrow hits the middle of the target, the more points you get. Also, the distance to the target, its size and maximum hits will be rated.


People who are keen on bowling will have a great time in the region of Schliersee. The Hotel Karma Bavaria has two bowling alleys which you can book anytime for you, your friends and your family.

During a game, the players try to move the bowling ball to the end of the bowling alley. The trick is to energetically roll the bowling ball, so that it moves towards the end of the bowling alley and hits the pins. The more pins you manage to hit, the more points you win. If you succeed in hitting all nine pins, you will gain the most points. The winner is the player who has managed to hit the most pins.

If you do not know what to do during the evenings or on rainy days, how about visiting the bowling alley at the Hotel Karma? You can book the bowling alley on site or via telephone (+49(0)8026 6080).

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Silvesterlauf (New Year's Eve running event)

Every year on December 31st the „Schliersee Silvesterlauf“, a running event around lake Schliersee takes place. The slogan „… bewegt ins neue Jahr“ means to start the New Year by taking some exercise. The race starts at 01.30 p.m. at the Vitalwelt in Schliersee and ends at 03.30 p.m.

This running event is being organised and mentored by medius Medizinische Fitness (medical fitness, courses, rehabilitation exercise classes and personal training). The route is 7.6 kilometres long and besides runners also walkers truly get their money's worth. How about a swinging end of the old year and an energetic start into the new one? Everybody, who wants to take part at the race is warmly welcome. The duration of every participant will be captured by a professional timekeeper.

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