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Skiing Alpine

Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee (Ski lift company)

In winter the whole region of Schliersee is covered with snow and converts into a wonderful winter land. Even much earlier than anywhere else, the whole area around lake Spitzingsee is covered with snow. The reason is the location of the lake. It is situated at a height of 1.110 metres. With the help of a snow cannon the slopes are always well-prepared.

In order to get to Mount Stümpfling, just hop on the Suttenbahn or the Stümpflingbahn. The lifts will take you either to Spitzingsee or Entenrottach. You also can find other ski slopes at the Lower Firstalm and Mount Rosskopf. The Taubenstein Lift is not out of operation during winter and ski tourers walk along the snow-covered paths around the lift.

Next to the Stümpfling ski slope a night skiing event takes place on Thursdays and Fridays between 06.30 p.m. and 09.30 p.m. The whole ski slope is lightened during this time and therefore sinter sports lovers can stay a little longer. 

A new feature at the Untere Firstalm is in the Spitzingsee ski area is the Funslope.
For the young and the young at heart there are small kickers, boxes and a wave path wich offer lots of fun, regardless of whether on one or two boards. The new fun slope replaces the previous snow park and is also suitable for less experienced freestylers. It´s always open on weekends.

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Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee GmbH
Spitzingseestaße 12
83727 Schliersee-Spitzingsee
Phone +49(0)8026 8026 92 92 23 10
E-Mail: info(at)

Alpen Plus

The winter sports areas Brauneck-Wegscheid, Wallberg, Spitzingsee-Tegernsee, Ski paradise Sudelfeld and Zahmer Kaiser / Tirol have cemented an alliance and founded the largest ski pass and mountain railway network and the so called Alpen Plus network. Their motto is called „5 winter sports areas under one roof“.

If you own a seasonal pass, you are free from charges and can travel around by using 75 mountain lifts and lifts in Upper Bavaria and Tirol. All guests can also use the free parking lots and can travel via public transport.

There are lots of mountain hostels, hotels, alpine huts and other places where you can stay for one or several nights. You also can enjoy regional dishes and other specialities of the Schliersee region on site. The local professional ski-schools with rental and service stations offer courses for beginners, returners and advanced athletics in several winter sports and ski equipment for rent.

{"LNG":11.8886998, "LAT":47.6662849, "UK":"Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee"}

Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee GmbH
Spitzingseestaße 12
83727 Schliersee-Spitzingsee
Phone: +49(0)8026 92 92 23 10
Fax.: +49(0)8026 71156
E-Mail: info(at)

Night skiing

Not only during the daytime it is possible to ski, also during the evenings. The region of Schliersee offers many possibilities to have fun in the snow.

The night skiing event takes place every Thursday from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m., downhill the Stümpfling mountain. Groups, clubs, companies and sport clubs can book the downhill slope for events on Wednesday evenings.

The slopes have been prepared for night-time skiers, so that they can enjoy the ski-run to the full. The whole route is perfectly lighted with high-power floodlights and even from the 4-seater-chairlift you will have a fascinating view, you will surely never forget.

First-time skiers and returners can book a ski-course during the evening. They will be instructed by professional ski teachers of the Maria Loch Ski School.

If you love to ski and would like to rent some skiing equipment, you will find everything you need at the equipment rental and ski-service of the Snowcamp Maria Loch. The rental company is situated next to the Stümpfling-chairlift.

If you feel hungry during your stay, the Jagahütt´n at Mount Stümpfling offers regional specialities and snacks. You also can visit the base camp at the valley station and enjoy something to eat.


It will take you about 30 minutes by car to travel to Schliersee-Neuhaus. Just drive along the A8 from Munich to Salzburg, exit at Weyarn and follow the state road 2072 and the federal road B 307. Even if there´s no more snow in Munich, at the north-eastern-track you still can ski. The drag-lift is about 300 metres long and runs very slow. This is ideal for families with children and ski-newbies.

Many ski-schools and ski-pupils are on-site and practise on their skis and boards.

If you are planning to stay a few days at the region of Schliersee, how about renting a holiday lodge at the Guest House Maier-Schmotz. The building is about 50 metres from the Pfannlift, which is free of charge for all holiday-guests of the lodge. On location, you also can find a small warming room and a lavatory.

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Holiday apartments Maier-Schmotz
Bodenschneidstr. 2
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 7343
Fax: +49(0)8026 71777
E-Mail: gaestehaus(at)


Winter is the time where people travel to the mountains in order to spend some days in the snow. Not only skiing is very popular, also snowboarding.

You can ride down all kinds of slopes. The Lyralift around the lower curve lift area is perfect for snowboard beginners. If you have never tried to ride on the snow on a snowboard you can book a course at a snowboard school and you also can rent some snowboard equipment at a rental service in Schliersee or Spitzingsee. 



Northern country-cross-skiing

Kirchbichlloipe (Kirchbichl cross-country ski trail)

The so called Kirchbichlloipe is an approximately 2.6 kilometres long  cross-country ski trail. This circle route will take you about 15 minutes and during your tour you will see the wonderful nature around you. This is why hiking maps rank the category landscape with three stars. The path is a very exciting one (Adventure: three stars) and especially beginners and cross-country skiers who haven´t been skiing for quite a long time and would like to start again will have a great time at the Kirchbichlloipe. The highest point is at 798 metres and the lowest at 767 metres.

The easiest way to get there is by train. Just hop onto a train of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn. The train leaves every hour from Munich to Schliersee. After your trip around the Kirchbichl cross-country ski trail you then can relax inside of a railway compartment and relax.

Of course, you also can come to Schliersee by car. Just drive along the Autobahn A8 from Munich to Salzburg and exit at Weyarn. From here, please turn to the state road 2072 and federal road B 307 to Schliersee. You can park your car at the Kalkgraben car park, Karl-Haider-Strasse in Schliersee.

Location details:
The Kirchbichlloipe starts in Schliersee - Karl-Haider-Strasse. This street is nearby the hotel Karma Bavaria and the Kalkgraben car park. It will lead you to Hausham and back to the starting point.

KirchbichlLoipe KML
{"LNG":11.85531557, "LAT":47.74249164, "UK":"Kirchbichlloipe"}

Difficulty: easy
Track length: 2,6 km
Duration: 0:15 h
Lowest point in metres: 767 m
Highest point in metres: 798 m
Adventure ***||
Landscape ***||

Valepper Mountain Pasture Cross-Country Ski Track

The Valepper Mountain Pasture Cross-Country Ski Track is a moderate tour starting and ending at lake Spitzingsee. You will enjoy this tour, because it is very exciting (Adventure: four stars) and the surrounding landscape is also unique (Landscape: five stars). The whole trip will take you about 1 hour and ten minutes. The length of the route is 6.5 kilometres. The highest point is at 1.075 metres and the lowest point at 1.024 metres. You only have to overcome 161 metres for the way up and down the mountain.

Travelling by car is very easy. Just follow the Autobahn A8 from Munich to Salzburg and look for the exit at Weyarn. From here, please follow the State Road 2072 to Miesbach and then drive further on the A-Road B 307 to Schliersee and Fischhausen-Neuhaus. Then follow the road to Spitzingsee and look for a parking lot at the church St. Bernhard.

You also can travel by train. The Bayerische Oberlandbahn leaves every hour from Munich to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. Here you can catch the RVO-Bus number 9562 and get off at the church in Spitzingsee.

Location details:
Please walk to the Rosskopfweg and then put on your cross-country-ski. The track is rich in variety and will lead you to along the Valepp Alpine pastures towards the stream course of the so called Roter Valepp.  Just follow the signs - the cross-Country Ski track is very well signposted.

After your trip from Spitzingsee around the Valepp Alpine pastures and back, you can go to the Cross-Country Ski Centre Albert Link Hut and take a shower there. Afterwards you can eat something at one of the many restaurants around the lake.

ValepperAlmenLoipen KML
{"LNG":11.88824773, "LAT":47.66140238, "UK":"St. Bernhard Spitzingsee"}

Difficulty moderate
Track length 6,5 km
Ascent 161 m
Descent 161 m
Duration 1:10 h
Lowest point at 1024 m
Highest point at1075 m
Adventure ****|
Landscape *****

Heimatsau cross-country ski track

The Heimatsau cross country ski track is very easy and about two kilometres long. The lowest point is at a height of 1.084 metres, the highest point at 1.106 metres.

Using cross-country skis, it will take you about 20 minutes from the starting point at the lift at lake Spitzingsee and back. You have to overcome a floor level difference of 38 metres. Hiking maps mark adventure with three stars and landscape with four stars.

At the lift in Spitzingsee you can park your car. Just drive on the Autobahn A8 and drive off at Weyarn. Afterwards, please drive along the state road 2072 and the federal road 307 to Schliersee. Then look for the signs showing you the way to Spitzingsee.

Travelling by train is great fun for the whole family. In Munich the trains of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn hourly will take you to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. At the main railway station, please look out for the Bus 9562 to Spitzingsee. Please stop at Spitzingsattel and take the shuttle bus to the parking lot of the lift.

As soon as you have arrived at the valley station of the lift, put on your cross-country skis and ride along the track clock-wise to the bank of lake Spitzingsee. Follow the path along the bank of the lake towards Mount Brecherspitz. At the end of the circular path you will arrive at the starting point of your trip.

Anytime you like, you can stop and take a look at the snow, the mountains, forests and the lake. Before going back home, please visit one of the restaurants or cafés in Spitzingsee. There you can eat some regional food. Very nice is the Kurvenliftstüberl, the Alpenhotel at lake Spitzingssee, Postgasthof St. Bernhard, Gasthof Klausenhütte, Willy Merkl Haus, Alte Wurzhütte and Neue Wurzhütte.

HoamatsauLoipe KML
{"LNG":11.87602222, "LAT":47.6664242, "UK":"Parkplatz Kurvenlift"}

Difficulty: easy
Track length in kilometres 2,0 km
Ascension in metres 38 m
Descension in metres 38 m
Duration 0:20 h
Lowest point in metres 1084 m
Highest point in metres 1106 m
Adventure ***|||
Landscape ****||


Upper Firstalm

Not only the Lower Firstalm is a perfect place to down with the sledge and enjoy a wonderful day with your loved ones, also the Upper Firstalm offers lots of fun in the snow. The hiking path is about 2.5 kilometres long and is classified as medium difficult. For the approximately one hour walk you need a good stamina (three stars) and have to be experienced in hiking (Tekker: three stars). The whole path is very exciting (Adventure; four stars) and offers a wonderful view around (Landscape: four stars). The highest point is at 1.372 metres and the lowest at 1.127 metres.  

If you want to travel by car, please follow the Autobahn A8 from Munich to Salzburg and get off in Weyarn. Then drive further on the State Road 2072 and the A-Road  307 to Schliersee. Follow the signs to Spitzingsee and park your car at the parking lot Spitzingsattel.

Travellers preferring to arrive by train choose the Bayerische Oberlandbahn. The trains leave once an hour in Munich and you can get off in Schliersee or in Fischhausen-Neuhaus. At the main rail station you will find a bus station. Here you can hop on the bus to Spitzingsee and get off at Spitzingsattel.

At the Spitzingsattel, please look for the path leading you to the sledge run. From here you can walk up to the Upper Firstalm. The sledge run is about 3 kilometres long and will lead you through a forrest. The road is not very steep and therefore ideal for families with children. If you need a carriage, you can rent a sleigh for 4.00 Euros at the Upper Firstalm.

It is also possible to stay overnight at the Mountain Hotel Obere Firstalm and to eat there. Here warm and cold dishes are being served. You also can enjoy soups, regional specialities, snacks, desserts and light meals. Depending on the weather and the snow conditions, the restaurant is opened until 10.00 p.m. Please call 08026 7302 for further information about the condition of the sledge run.

Obere Firstalm
83727 Spitzingsee
Phone: +49(0)8026 73 02
Fax: +49(0)8026 71 731
E-Mail: info(at) 

Obere Firstalm KML
{"LNG":11.88661695, "LAT":47.67216076, "UK":"Spitzingsattel"}

Difficulty medium
Track length 2,5 km
Ascent 5 m
Descent 250 m
Duration 0:56 h
Lowest point in metres 1127 m
Highest point in metres 1372 m
Condition ***||
Tekker ***||
Adventure ****|
Landscape ****|

Lower Firstalm

A short walk through the snow and afterwards riding down the hill on a  bobsleigh - this is what you can do on one day with your family. Just walk up to the Lower Firstalm and don´t forget to take your toboggan with you. The moderate walk will take you between 45 to 50 minutes, so you will need a good physical condition (Condition: three stars) and will be awarded with a breathtaking view (Landscape: five stars) and exciting moments during your tour (Adventure: four stars). The lowest point is at 1.111 metres and the highest point at 1.311 metres.

The length of the road to the Lower Firstalm is about 1.9 kilometres long and starts at Spitzingsee. If you want to travel by car, just drive along the Autobahn A8 from Munich to Salzburg and exit at Weyarn. Then follow the State Road 2072 and the A-Road 307 to Schliersee. Follow the sign to Spitzingsee and park your car at the Curve Lift.

You also can travel with the train of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn. Every hour the train leaves in Munich and will take you directly to Schliersee. At the main railway station in Fischhausen-Neuhaus you can catch the Bus to Spitzingsee.

At the Curve Lift in Spitzingsee you will find a sign showing you the way to the sledge run. If you want to rent a bobsleigh, you will find a rental service at the Lower Firstalm. The sledge run is 1.5 kilometres long and ideal for children and adults. Before sliding down the mountain, how about having a snack or a meal at the mountain restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Hartl and their team serve Bavarian dishes from 9.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Monday and closed on Tuesday.

You always can call 08026 7676 in order to get some information about the current snow conditions and to reserve a bobsleigh.


Untere Firstalm

Untere Firstalm 1
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 7676
Fax: +49(0)8026 921537
E-Mail: info(at)

Untere Firstalm KML
{"LNG":11.87612, "LAT":47.66557, "UK":"Kurvenlift"}

(copy 55)

Difficulty moderate
Track length 1,9 km
Ascent 0 m
Descent200 m
Duration 0:5 h
Lowest point at 1111 m
Highest point at 1311 m
Condition ***||
Adventure ****|
Landscape *****

Alte Spitzingstraße (Old Spitzing Road)

Grab your children and a sledge and walk up the so called „Alte Spitzingsstraße” in order to spend a wonderful day in the snow.

This very easy path from Josefstal to the sled run will take you about half an hour. The road is about 1.3 kilometres long, the highest point is at 986 metres and the lowest point at 821 metres.

Hiking maps show two stars for stamina and technique. The landscape is rated with four stars and adventure with three stars. The sled run is ideal for families with children. As there is no bobsleigh rental at the starting point of the route, you have to take a sledge with you. If you are interested in the current snow conditions and the condition of the sled run, please call the Guest Information Schliersee (08026-60650)

You can park your car at the end of the Josefstaler Straße at lake Spitzingsee. To reach the starting point of your trip, please drive on the Autobahn A8 and exit in Weyarn. Then turn to the state road 2072 and drive further on the federal road B 307 to Schliersee and Fischhausen-Neuhaus. In Fischhausen-Neuhaus look for the sign showing you the way to Josefstal and then turn right.

It is also possible to travel by train. The Bayerische Oberlandbahn leaves Munich every hour and will take you to Schliersee. Get off the train in Fischhausen-Neuhaus and then take the Bus 9562 to Spitzingsee. Please ask the Bus driver to stop at Josefstal-Aurachstraße.

Location details:
As soon as you have arrived in Josefstal, please look for the small forest path and walk straight ahead. It will take you about 45 minutes to arrive at the sled run at the „ Alte Spitzingseer Straße”. Now you can fetch your children and ride down the hill towards the valley, as long as you want.

AlteSpitzingstrasse KML
{"LNG":11.88422441, "LAT":47.68864084, "UK":"Alte Spitzingstraße"}

Difficulty: easy
Track length: 1,3 km
Duration 0:5 h
Lowest point in metres 821 m
Highest point in metres 986 m
Condition **|||
Technique **|||
Adventure ***||
Landscape ****|


In prehistoric times mankind used leather in order to protect their feet. The ancient Greek described the strange habits of the inhabitants of the Caucasus. They used strange kinds of helping devices for walking in the snow. This way they did not sink into the snow. Even the native Americans used shoes and developed special soles for walking in the snow. Compared to normal shoes, snowshoes distribute the body weight evenly over a large foot load surface area. This way the feet cannot sink to deep into the snow.

Since the middle of the 1990s snowshoeing is gaining more and more popularity. It´s a great alternative for those, who do not like to ski. You can immediately start walking through the snow.

Snowshoeing is a very trendy sport in the Alpine area. Before slipping into the snowshoes, please make sure to study the level of difficulty of the tracks. A hiking tour in the snow is much more difficult than a walk during summer. The easy tour (I) is perfect for those, who do not have any technical experience or not too much knowledge. The walk will take you between one and six hours and you will deal with heights up to 600 metres.  For medium difficult snowshoeing walk (II) you must be free from giddiness and sure-footed. This kind of tour is suitable for those having earned slight snowshoe experience. The tours will take you about six to eight hours and you will deal with heights up to 800 metres. For the difficult tour (III) you need lots of experience. Here also you should be free from giddiness and sure-footed. Please make sure to always take proper equipment with you  (e.g. ice sticks, rucksack, first-aid kit, avalanche equipment, food and warm drinks) and wear suitable clothing (e.g. weather-proof winter clothes).

Tour proposal:

Snowshoeing along Baumgartenscheid (1.444 metres) from Schliersee to Tegernsee

This medium difficult 5 hour tour will lead you to the top of the mountain at a height of 1.444 metres. The path can easily be walked and the altitude difference is 700 metres.

At the parking lots of the Schliersee main railway station the snowshoeing tour starts. Walk along the Breitenbachstrasse to the so called Hennerer. Here turn to the Kreuzbergalm and keep on going straight ahead through the Stadetal valley. At the end of the road, please turn left and follow the small path towards Baumgartenalm. As soon as you have reached the mountain pasture, walk over the back of the mountain to the Baumgartenschneid. Now you have reached the highest point (1.444 metres) of the snowshoeing tour and you will see all the natural beauty around you.

Now it is time to go back to the valley. Please walk towards the so called Rohrkopf. From here follow the path the Riederstein, Galaun, the Auerbauer and the valley Alpbachtal. The road will now lead you to lake Tegernsee. Here you can rest for a while and have a snack at one of the restaurants nearby. As soon as it is time to say Goodbye and go back home, just hop on one of the trains of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn. You also can catch the RVO-Bus and get off at the main railway station in Schliersee. If you own a Schliersee Guest Card and want to travel around the administrative district of Miesbach, the bus drive is free of charge.

Ski touring

The region of Schliersee is a great place for ski touring. Here you will find lots of roads, offering you a wonderful view around the mountains, the valleys, and the lakes Schliersee and Spitzingsee. The Taubenstein area at lake Spitzingsee is the best location for skitouring. The lift of the Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee is closed in winter.

Before starting a ski touring tour, please make sure to follow the information concerning the current snow  and weather conditions. Also, check the avalanche reports and do not forget to put on weatherproof and take ski touring equipment, ski sticks, an avalanche shovel, an  avalanche sensor, a LVS- and a GPS-device, as well as a first-aid kit with you.

In case of an emergency, the safety equipment will save your life, until the rescue team arrives. If you are ski touring in unsecured Alpine areas, please notice that you are at your own risk and no responsibility can be assumed for your actions.

Although the whole area is coated with snow in winter, animals and plants are very vulnerable. This is why they have to be protected. Please do not enter protected areas and help to protect nature.

Ice skating

The Oberlandstadion in Schliersee is a wonderful place for ice-skating. It is a natural ice stadium without cooling devices and as soon as the frozen surface is thick enough and the weather conditions are suitable, you can skate on the ice every day from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. Some ice-skate events also take place during the evenings. Please call Mr. Stefan Hornfeck (Phone: +49(0)8026 2177) for the current evening-events or visit the homepage

It is also possible to play Bavarian curling and Ice Hockey at the Oberlandstadion. On request hobby teams can rent the stadium. One hour, including two changing rooms and showers costs 80,00 Euros.

If you need some ice skates and would like to buy some, just drop by at Intersport Berauer, Rathausstraße 17, 83727 Schliersee, Phone: +49(0)8026 60690.

{"LNG":11.85330123, "LAT":47.7319002, "UK":"Natureisstadion Schliersee"}

Please visit the homepage or call Mr. Stefan Hornfeck, Phone +49(0)8026 2177, for further information about the opening hours and the current conditions of the icy surface.


Have you ever dreamt of playing curling at a real natural ice stadium? How about doing that at the foot of Mount Freudenberg in Schliersee? It is even possible to rent the ice rink of the Oberlandstadion in winter. The price for one hour is 80,00 Euros. You also can use the two fitting and two shower rooms.

Anytime you can look up the current condition of the ice and the opening hours at You also can call Mr. Stefan Hornfeck (+49(0)8026 2177)

If you need some ice skates, you can buy them at Intersport Berauer, Rathausstraße 17, in Schliersee (Phone: +49(0)8026 60690). Besides ice skates, you will also find curling equipment.

{"LNG":11.85330123, "LAT":47.7319002, "UK":"Natureisstadion Schliersee"}

Please check the latest information about the ice condition and the opening hours at or call Mr. Stefan Hornfeck (Phone +49(0)8026 2177).



Ice Hockey

How about having a good time? How about playing Ice Hockey with some friends or some like-minded-people during your winter holidays in Schliersee? Visit the Oberlandstadion, a real natural ice stadium. During 1946 and 1948 this location has been built at the foot of the Freudenberg mountain. At regular intervals Ice Hockey Teams train here and they also arrange friendlies against each other. The frozen surface is also being used for curling and ice skating.

The natural ice stadium also can be rented. Teams from other regions and hobby players can book the icy surface, including two fitting rooms and two showers  for 80,00 Euros per hour. Depending on the weather situation, the Oberlandstadion is opened daily from 02.00 p.m. to 05.00 p.m. and on Thursday and Friday also from 07.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

{"LNG":11.85330123, "LAT":47.7319002, "UK":"Natureisstadion Schliersee"}

You can find the up-to-date information about the opening hours and the condition of the icy surface at or call Mr. Stefan Hornfeck (+49(0)8026 2177).

Schools and rental services

Beni´s Skischule und Verleih
Beni´s Ski school offers courses for children of 6 years and above and teenager during their holidays. It is also possible to book a private course for singles, families and groups in German, English, French and Portuguese. All ski and snowboard teachers are DSLV and DSV professionals. The rental services nearby are equipped with modern types of carving, rocker-ski, shoes, sticks, cross-country-skis, snowboards, snow shoes, bigfoot, snowblades, helmets and glasses. All these are available for a small fee.

Beni´s Skischule und Verleih
Spitzingstr. 4
83727 Schliersee/Spitzingsee
Phone: +49(0)8026 71224


Schneeaktivitäten Martina Loch - Ski- & Snowboardschule, Verleih & Service

Since 1986 the team of Martina Loch - Ski- & Snowboard School teaches snowboarding, skiing, cross-country-skiing, snowshoe hiking and carving. All courses are DSLV and DAV admitted and start daily at 9.30 a.m. at the valley station of the so called Stümpflingbahn. Children aged 3 and older can learn to ski and snowboarding and also basic-courses and family-courses can be booked. The Maria Loch Skiguides help groups to get to know the ski area much better and also help to improve their knowledge in skiing and snowboarding.

The Ski- & Board-Service-Team will help you take care of your equipment. They will wax-polish and smoothen your boards and check, if the binding is working right. Even if something has busted or is broken - the repair service will fix your equipment.

Schneeaktivitäten Martina Loch - Ski- & Snowboardschule, Verleih & Service
Lyraweg 6
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 928908
Handy: +49(0)171 8250735
E-Mail: info(at)
Opening hours: in winter daily from 09:00 a.m. to 04.30 p.m. 

Skischule Spitzingsee am Kurvenlift
Every day from 8.30 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. the Ski School Spitzingsee at the Curve Lift and rental service is opened. Highly qualified courses for those who want to learn cross-country-skiing and snowboarding.
The Ski and equipment rental offers cheap ski and snowboard eqipment for children and at the ski depot you can put your skis or snowboards in storage. This way you don´t have transport your equipment to the ski region Spitzingsee, if you are planning some holidays in the snow.

Skischule Spitzingsee am Kurvenlift
Seelift 40
83727 Schliersee/Spitzingsee
Phone: +49(0)8026 7662
E-Mail: info(at)

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