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Horse Sleigh Rides
Slyrs Destillery
Cleared Hiking Paths
Weihnachtszauber (Christmas Attraction)
Firstalmfasching (Carnival at the Firstalm)
Wildlife Feeding Valepp


Many holidaymakers not only want to enjoy the wonderful landscape, the hospitality and the sights of the Schliersee region, they also are looking for a break, in order to relax for a while. At the Vitalwelt Schliersee with its thermal bath and Spa, you will find everything you need. The building lies next to the lakeside of lake Schliersee and is surrounded by a picturesque alpine world.

All facilities of the Vitalwelt Schliersee are spread over 9.500 square kilometres. Everybody will enjoy staying here for a while. The whole building has a very comfortable atmosphere, the rooms are light-flooded and you will have a breathtaking view towards the mountains, the forests and the lake while looking out of the window.

You can swim inside the 25-metre pool of the monte mare Vitaltherme, but you also can stay inside the Whirlpool or the natural brine pool (35° C ) in the outdoor area with its grotto with fizzy water. The great water slide called „Black Hole“ is 50 metres long and while sliding down the tunnel system, you will see some light effects and at the same time will hear some sound effects. If you would like to take part at a course, just come along and join one of the courses at the swimming area. Inside and outside you also will find some loungers and resting areas where you can relax as long as you like. Children will have a good time at the children´s territory. The water temperature is  34° C. and here they can swim or play with the interactive water features.

Inside the monte mare Saunaworld you will find several saunas, e.g. massages, sensual spas, Ayurveda, Hamam and Beauty treatments. The relaxation sauna is the perfect place to find enjoy some quiet and peaceful moments and you also will find some waterbeds inside the chill-out-room.

Don´t forget to visit the adventure-showers. Here you will find stimulating water features, an ice well and Kneipp basins. The roof garden and the fireplace room also have lots of space and if you still feel quite stressed, how about choosing a several-day-treatment, a one-day-treatment or an individual beauty treatment. You can book a wide range of massages, Ayurveda and Hot Stone treatments as well as sensual spa treatments.

The current opening hours, entrance fees and special offers of the monte mare Vitaltherme and Saunaworld and lots of other information you will find at www.monte-mare.de.

At the tennis courts of the Tennisclub Schliersee TCS you can book special „Tennis active“-Programmes and Guest-Tournaments. Once a year the „Sixtus Tennis Tournament“, part of the „German Masters Series“ also take place. If you want book a tennis court at the Tennisclub Schliersee or want to know, when the next tournament is planned - please visit the Homepage www.tc-schliersee.de.

The „OsteoZentrum Schliersee“ is a treatment centre managed by Martin Auracher and Max Merkel. Both are medically experienced and use their long time top-class sports knowledge for an innovative and integral medicine therapy approach. Patients benefit from the exceptional synergetic effect caused by osteopathic, naturopathic and physiotherapy driven treatments and focussing on  sports medicine. For more information about the „Rehabilitation-Sportmedizin-Schliersee“, please visit www.osteo-zentrum.de.

If you feel hungry or thirsty during or after your visit at the Vitalwelt Schliersee, please visit the „Charivari-Restaurant, Café und Seeterrasse”. Breakfast is served every morning and you also can enjoy lunch and dinner here. The team of the Charivari-Schliersee also serves small snacks and will help you, if you are looking for a nice location for a party or a business event. Just take a look at  www.charivari-schliersee.de. Here you will find all the information you need and you can even take a look at the current menu and ask for an offer without engagement.


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Horse sleigh rides in Schliersee and Spitzingsee

Lots of horse lovers, do not want to ride a horse. They rather would like to join a small group accompanied by horses and get to know Schliersee and Spitzingsee better. How about joining a horse drawn carriage ride? You and your family even can stay at a farm and learn how to ride a horse during your holidays. Also, you can let yourself be shown around by an experienced carriage driver. Every day you then can hop onto the horse carriage and visit all the sights in the region of Schliersee.
In winter, it is lots of fun to ride on a horse sleigh. You really will be surprised how exciting this can be. It´s very comfortable to sit under a blanket and to breathe some fresh air during a sleigh tour. 


Here you can find a list of horse drawn carriage ride  and sleigh ride offerers in Schliersee and Spitzingsee:


The Asenbauer Farm is a farm which also has holiday rooms and apartments. The building lies near the southern bank of lake Schliersee. From here you can start hiking tours, bike tours, horse trips or horse drawn carriage rides. Family Holzer own Haflinger and cold blooded horses. All guests can book these horses for some riding lessons or for guided tours through the Schliersee region. Sebastian Holzer also can show you around with his horse carriage in summer and in winter he will hitch up the horse sleigh. Groups up to 10 persons will then see the prettiest natural settings and famous sights. Afterwards the children can e.g. take care of the farm animals or play in the garden. Adults can book a massage treatment or take part at a meditation event in the evening.


Fischhauser Straße 6
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 6629


Bachers horse carriage and sleigh rides at lake Spitzingsee

During a round trip around lake Spitzingsee, to the Valepp Alpine pasture or a tour to the game animal feeding area, followed by a stop at the “Blecksteinhaus”, you will hear some exciting anecdotes and stories of the region.
In summer, you can book a horse carriage and in winter a horse sleigh. All tours start at the lakeside near the Arablla Sheraton Alpenhotel at lake Spitzingsee. It is also possible to book a horse carriage or a sleigh for spacial occasions, e.g. weddings, company events, etc.



Kutschfahrten Spitzingsee Martin Bacher
Endstall 4
83730 Fischbachau
Phone:+49(0)162 9163040
E-Mail: spitzingskutscher(at)web.de http://www.kutschfahrtenroetzer.de


Carriage rides Sprenger

The Sprenger farm in Schliersee offers wonderful holidays for you and your family in one of their holiday apartments.

Peter Sprenger loves his home country and his Haflinger. These horses are strong, child friendly and they also have an excellent character trait. You can choose several kinds of adventures - it depends on if you want to book a short or a long carriage or sleigh ride. The huge company carriage has space for up to 14 persons and the big sleigh offers space for up to 10 persons. The Sprenger farm also has a small horse carriage and other carriages, which you can book for a tour.


Kutschfahrten Sprenger
Kalkgraben 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 2800


Guest house and organic farm Sonnenstatter


The guest house and organic farm Sonnenstatter has been already known as accommodation facility in Schliersee in the 19th century.  The Hirtreiter family welcomes families and their children at the farm. The guests can stay there during their holidays and get to know something about farming and taking care of farm animals. Horses, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and cats live on the farm.

At the Sonnenstatter farm you can book equestrian holidays as well as walking tours being accompanied by a horse, pack horse tours, horse drawn carriage and horse sleigh rides. You also can learn to work with a horse and learn something about horse accompanied forest and field work. Family Hirtreiter also has various carriages, e.g. a wedding carriage, a vis-a-vis carriage for up to seven persons or a company carriage for up to 18 persons. During the winter season, it is also possible to book a promenade horse sleigh for up to 11 persons or a big transport sleigh, which can be used for hiking tours.


Kutschfahrten Hirtreiter
Schießstättstr. 7
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 20011

Cleared walking paths

Schliersberg Alpine hut - Schliersbergalm

The Schliersberg Alpine hut is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Schliersee region and has been built on a height of 1.061 metres in 1903. The hotel and its restaurant lies near the summer sledge run. If you would like to visit this location, you can walk or take the cable car. The cabin cable car operates since 1952. Departure times are between 8.30 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. The cabins leave every 15 minutes from Schliersee to mount Schliersberg and back.

If you prefer to travel by car, just drive on the Autobahn A8 Munich-Salzburg, exit at Weyarn and follow the signs to Schliersee  and the valley station. You can park your car at the valley station and hop onto the cable car to the Schliersberg Alpine hut or walk the hiking path. It will take you approximately one hour to get there.

The hotel is opened all year. The restaurant and the beer garden serve regional and national specialities. All certified organic quality products are produced in the region of Schliersee. Many day trippers visit this location in order to enjoy the wonderful view around them and to eat a snack.

During your stay at the Schliersberg Alpine hut, your children can play on the playground or hop onto the trampoline. They also can ride on the merry-go-round or play crazy golf. The summer sledge run is great fun for the whole family. It is more than 950 metres long and leads you down to the valley. Especially during the sunny season you and your family should give it a try.


Hotel- und Seilbahn-Betriebs GmbH
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 6723  
Fax: +49(0)8026 6699
E-Mail : info(at)schliersbergalm.de 
Internet: www.schliersbergalm.de 

Schliersbergalm Hotel und Gastronomie GmbH
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 6722 
Fax.: +49(0)8026 6685
E-Mail: hotel(at)schliersbergalm.com 
Internet: www.schliersbergalm.com


SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whiskey Distillery was founded in 1999 by Florian Stetter. During an educational trip through Scotland, he thought it would be a great idea to produce Whiskey in Bavaria. At the Hopf Brewery in Miesbach he learnt to be a brewer. During this time, he produced his first Whiskey mash.

The name „Slyrs" has been the name of a monastery at the lake Schliersee. At the same time this name still is used as an expression for the green-yellow streaks found inside the mountain sediments. You can see them throughout the whole region of Schliersee. This is why the whole region also has been called „Slyrs". During the passage of time the name changed and nowadays is known as „Schliersee".

2007 the company moved to Neuhaus and Florian Stetter passed the management to his brother Anton and his business executive Thomas Flothmann. All Whiskeys are made of Bavarian corn and Alpine mountain water. The most popular Whiskeys are the three year old Single Malt Vintage Whiskey, developed by Hans Kemenater and his team, SLYRS Whisky Liqueur (30 % Vol.), the Barrel-Finishings of the SLYRS Whiskeys and the limited editions SLYRS Whiskeys, which are being stored in up to 50 year old barrels of the port wine wineries of the Duoro Valley and the most famous Bodegas of Jerez. 2014 the SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky Distillery won an award for „Best Single Malt Whisky in Europe“ for the finishing in a PX barrel.

Visit the adventure distillery in Schliersee/Neuhaus and get to know everything about the Whiskey production. Watch the video film about the whole distillation procedure and then join a guided tour through the distillery or discover the factory on your own. All details are shown on information boards and at the end of every tour, you can take part at a dégustation on the gallery of the barrel hall. Here you can also enjoy looking at the Wendelstein massif.

Inside the Slyrs Shop you will find lots of souvenirs, accessories, Lantenhammer Fruit Brandy and SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky. Please notice, the purchase is limited to one bottle per person.

Opening hours:


Admission charges:

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SLYRS Destillery
Bayrischzeller Straße 13
83727 Schliersee/Neuhaus
Phone: +49 (0)8026 9222795
Fax: +49 (0)8026 9222933
E-Mail: info(at)slyrs.de
Internet: www.slyrs.de

Schliersee Weihnachtszauber

Museum Christmas

During the first Advent weekend, the wayside of the Lautererstrasse, at the Museum of Local History in Schliersee, turns into a winter wonderland with beautifully decorated market stalls.

The Christmas Market at the Museum offers lots of Christmas treats and artistic craftwork. Not only children will have a great time there, also adults will enjoy a special kind of festive timeout, surrounded by a wonderful winter landscape.

During this Advent weekend, all visitors can listen to Christmas Songs and soft tunes, as well as to poems and Christmas stories, while standing around the open fire and sipping a cup of hot wine punch. St. Nicholas will also come and visit the Christmas Market after dusk, in order to hand out some small present bags for the little ones. This will be great fun for the youngest visitors of the “Schlierseer Museumsweihnacht”.

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Gäste-Information Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Telephone: +49 (0)8026 60650
Fax:+49 (0)8026 606520
E-Mail: tourismus(at)schliersee.de
Internet: www.schliersee.de und http://www.schlierseer-weihnachtszauber.de/

Historical Christmas

A real insider´s tip is the Wasmeier´s Christmas Market at the Old Bavarian Town of the Markus Wasmeier Open-Air-Museum Schliersee. This small historical Christmas market takes place since 2012 and is a great excursion destination for the whole family.

The Christmas bakery invites all small guests to drop by and to bake their own biscuits, decorate them and to eat them there. The glass-blowers and the weavers will also introduce them to the art of the creation of glass and textiles.

 Adults will also have a great time at the Wasmeier´s Christmas Market. Just drop by at one of the barns and ask the exhibitors for handmade cribs and Christmas decoration. You also can watch them printing some textiles or making some accessories out of glass.

Besides the historical Christmas Market  at the Oled Bavarian Town there is much more to be explored at the Wasmeier Open-Air-Museum Schliersee. There are lots of historical buildings scattered around the 60.000 square metres large areal. You can visit all buildings which are Christmassy decorated.

After your excursion around the Wasmeier Open-Air-Museum Schliersee, how about having something to eat at one of the booths. Here you can enjoy many hearty dishes, roasted apples and almonds, drink some hot wine punch or some punch. You also can visit the Old Bavarian tavern „Beim Wofen“ and order local specialities.

{"LNG":11.877991, "LAT":47.7078267, "UK":"Bauernhofmuseum Schliersee"}

Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum Schliersee
Brunnbichl 5
83727 Schliersee / Neuhaus
Phone: +49(0)8026 92922-0
Telefax: +49(0)8026 92922-29
E-Mail: office(at)wasmeier.de 
Internet: www.wasmeier.de 

Romantic Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of love and this is why during the fourth weekend in Advent the so called Terofal´s romantic Christmas market takes place at the May pole in Schliersee. Right on the doorstep of the historical Folk theatre you can find fancy, handcrafted Christmas presents or you can try some petite festive treats.

Inside the small huts you can buy self-made jewellery, festive floristics, candles, Christmas balls and many other gifts. Please do not miss listening to some Christmas stories, which are being told. These stories are loved by children as well as by adults. Small guests of the romantic Chrsitmas Market can also visit the petting zoo and the grown-ups can listen to some atmospheric Advent music  played by a wind instrument ensemble and the Schliersee musical school and have a glass of punch or hot spiced wine at the Terofal ground.

{"LNG":11.86621, "LAT":47.733218, "UK":"Hotel Terofal"}

Hotel Terofal
Xaver Terofal Platz 2
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49 (0)8026 929210
Fax: +49 (0)8026 92921113
E-Mail: info(at)hotelterofal.de
Internet: www.hotelterofal.de

Winter solstice

Every year we are celebrating a Winter Solstice Party at the “Seefestwiese” (the local fairground at the lake) in Schliersee.
During the Ancient times, the longest night of the year was known as one of the most important Celtic holidays. Winter Solstice is the time of the year, where the days start getting longer again and the nights shorter. Already during the ancient times, people celebrated this occasion with music and chants and by lighting up a big fire.
The Winter Solstice Party at the “Seefestwiese” in Schliersee is a tradition. The Party will start on December, 30th at 2 o´clock in the afternoon. All our guests can celebrate the longest night of the year, enjoy delicious food as well as swinging tunes. Don't miss the greatest highlight of this event — the big fire, which will be lit during the evening.

{"LNG":11.86161339, "LAT":47.73359057, "UK":"Seefestwiese Schliersee"}

More Informationen:
Guest-Information Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49 (0)8026 60650
Fax:+49 (0)8026 606520
E-Mail: tourismus(at)schliersee.de
Internet: www.schliersee.de und http://www.schlierseer-weihnachtszauber.de/

New Year's Eve party

On New Year´s Eve, we will turn the night into day. At the bandstand of the Schliersee Spa Park we will welcome the new year with music, great food, cheerfulness and fireworks.

{"LNG":11.859575092748855, "LAT":47.73383206937715, "UK":"Musikpavillon im Kurpark"}

Gäste-Information Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Telephone: +49 (0)8026 60650
Fax:+49 (0)8026 606520
E-Mail: tourismus(at)schliersee.de
Internet: www.schliersee.de und http://www.schlierseer-weihnachtszauber.de/

Firstalm Carnival

One of the oldest cultural events during the carnival season is the so called „Firstalm-Fasching” at the lower Firstalm (Untere Firstalm) at lake Spitzingsee. At the end of the 60s holidaymakers and residents started to dress up in costumes and celebrated the „ Firstalm-Faschingsgaudi” by running down the hill on skis. During these days the only way to get onto this part of the mountain was by foot. People had to walk up the hill and carried their skis on their back. Today everything is much easier. Nowadays you can hop onto the button lift and ride down the slope towards the „Untere Fistalm”.

Many visitors come to the region of Schliersee. On Sunday, during the carnival season, they put on some costumes, e.g. as a huntsman, witch, monk, magician or pirate and ride down the northern slope. The „Firstalm-Skifasching” starts on Sunday during the carnival season at 11.00 a.m. at the lower Firstalm.

Instead of travelling by car, how about getting on the train of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn? Every hour the train leaves from the main railway station in Munich and will take you to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. From here you can take the RVO-Bus number 9562 and get off at Spitzingsee. The current departure time you can find at  https://www.bayern-fahrplan.de/de/auskunft .



Wild animal feeding Valepp

One thing you should not miss during your holidays in the region of Schliersee is the wild animal feeding at the Valepp near Spitzingsee. As soon as the snow has fallen and the rain deer are not able to find enough food, they are being fed at the winter gate. Way up in the mountains, the animals are not able to survive. The heavy snow makes it impossible to find a single grass stalk. This is why the deer move down the mountains in order to find some food in the lower altitudes. Most of their natural tracks are occupied by man-made buildings and so they are not able to find enough to eat. This is why they then start eating the tree barks in the forests. In order to avoid this, the Bavarian state forest workers have out up a winter gate and regularly feed the deer and give them fresh water.

The Valepp feeding ground lies near the Valepper Steet. This road is closed for public traffic. The fenced area is about 27 square metres wide and has three gates. About 50 deer stay there in winter. Their food is being placed on a huge kind of table. As soon as the snow covers up the whole ground, the feeding of the wild rain deer takes place from Thursday to Sunday at 03.00 p.m. The last time the deer get fed is on the last Sunday of the German Carnival holiday. During the Christmas Holidays the feeding hours take place at another time. For more Information, please look inside the broshure  „Schaufütterung Wintergatter Spitzingsee“.

You can travel to Spitzingsee by car or by train and bus. If you are planning to drive with your car, please drive on the Autobahn A8 Munich-Salzburg and exit at Weyarn. Then turn to the road leading you to Bayrischzell and drive to Neuhaus. At the end of Neuhaus, please turn right to Spitzingsee. You can park your car at the church St. Bernhard in Spitzingsee.
If you prefer travelling by train, the Bayerische Oberlandbahn will take you driectly from Munich to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. At the main railway station in Fischhausen-Neuhaus, please look for the RVO-Bus number 9562 and get off at the church in Spitzingsee. From here you can walk to the Valepper Street and further on to the winter gate.

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