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The Bavarian dialect is one of the most popular dialects in Germany. Maybe you can speak a few words and would love to see a play in which only Bavarian is being spoken. The Schlierseer Country Theatre belongs to the oldest of its kind in Germany. The stage set is artful and during a play the audience immediately see things from the author's perspective. At regular intervals also concerts, cabaret shows and other cultural events take place at the Schliersee Country Theatre.

The theatre is situated at the Xaver-Terofal-Platz, also known as Terofalplatz and has been founded in 1892. Konrad Dreher, an actor from Munich and Xaver Terofal, a butcher and publican from Schliersee, wanted to show  „real life” on stage. This is why only laymen, e.g. farmers and craftsman of the Schliersee region, have been employed for the plays.

One year, before the Schliersee Country Theatre was founded, Xaver Terofal bought the so called „Seehaus“ and had it reconstructed to a hotel. Next to the hotel building the theatre, with space for more than 450 people, was built by the architect Emanuel von Seidl. The stage was a great artistic experience for everyone. The stage curtain was painted by famous painters.  The stage machinery and the lights were equipped with the latest technology.

The first play „Jägerblut“ has been performed on June 24, 1892. More than 5.000 plays have been played until 1910. The founders of the theatre and the actors were so successful, that they were invited to play in the USA for a four-month tour. One stop of their tour has been at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

During the following years new directors took over the theatre and they supported the main idea of the founders of the Schliersee Country Theatre. 1947 the stage area burnt down and the whole building was destroyed.

Many years passed by and in 1966 Josef Peintner, the theatre speaker, and Konrad Drehers´ daughter  started a comeback of the Schliersee Country Theatre. The association  „Schlierseer Bauerntheater e. V.“ exists since 1994 and Florian Reinthaler took over the club administration in 2006.

Even today, the spirit of this dignified venue is still alive. The Schliersee Country Theatre is known as one of the most successful and high-grade theatres, even across country borders. Especially the performance of the actors is unique. The motto of the Schliersee Country Theatre is „Heute wie vor 100 Jahren“ (Today, just as 100 years ago). During every season, between Easter and New Year's Eve, folk plays in Bavarian dialect, e.g.  „Jennerwein“ are being performed. The current playing schedule can be found at

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