Local history

The history of Schliersee started in 779. Five brothers  wandered around through the wilderness of the mountains and one day they founded a monastery at the so called „Kirchbichl“. The siblings were part of an ancient Bavarian nobility family called „Waldecker”. The name of the monastery was „Slyrse“ . Years later the Bavarian dialect developed and so the name changed and now the place is called „Schliersee“.

Old documents state that the place around lake Schliersee has been wild and unsettled. Historians assume that still some fishermen and hunter have settled down in this region. During archaeological excavations some remains of human settlements were found. These could be backdated to 6.000 B.C. Schliersee´s history is more than 1200 years old and the town really can look back on many outstanding and formative  incidences.

Meanwhile, approximately 6.500 people live in Schliersee and the market town is a very popular holiday destination for people from all over the world. About 130.000 overnight guests and almost 1.000.000 daily visitors travel to Schliersee every year. The whole region offers lots of cultural, touristic, athletic and mechanical specialities.

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