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Horseback Riding

Imagine sitting on a horse and riding through a wonderful landscape - isn´t this a wonderful thought. Riding a horse is fun and it also is very good for your body and soul. This kind of activity stimulates your muscles, sense of balance, coordination skills and your stamina. Continuous training prevents stress and postural defects.

The Schliersee region offers lots of horse trails, e.g. to the Alpine meadows, the forests and sights. Equestrian farms, e.g. the Asenbauer Farm and the Langerbauer Fram offer various horse riding courses and riding holidays for beginners, returners and advanced horse riders. During your stay you can rent a horse and enjoy the wonderful landscape around lake Schliersee and Spitzingsee. An experienced companion will show you all the beauty of the whole region.

A carriage ride is also very exciting. The carriage driver will take you to places far away from the roads. You can book a nonstop-trip or a trip with all kinds of stops in-between.

In winter some Equestrian farms offer horse-drawn sleigh tours. All participants are covered with a nice and warm blanket and enjoy the winter scenery around them.

If you would like to book a carriage or a sleigh ride for a special occasion, e.g. a wedding or a business event, please contact „Kutschfahrten Spitzingsee”.


Horse riding in Schliersee:

Asenbauer-Hof (Asenbauer Farm)
The Asenbauer Farm at the southern bank of lake Schliersee offers all kinds of riding activities during the whole year. Experienced riders can rent a Haflinger or a cold-blooded horse and discover the region. Beginners and children make their first steps on the back of a horse at the pasture of the farm. It is also possible to book a carriage tour. Sebastian Holzer, the owner of the Asenbauer Farm knows lots of wonderful places and offers several trips around the Schliersee region. The carriage offers space for up to 10 persons.

During your stay at the Asenbauer Farm and after riding on a horse or travelling by horse carriage, you can also book Wellness massage take part at meditation sessions.

Fischhauser Straße 6
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 6629

Langerbauer-Hof (Langerbauer Farm)
Now this is fun! Holiday on a farm combined with horse rides - this is all possible at the Langerbauer Farm in Fischhausen. The farm lies at the southern end of lake Schliersee . If you want to travel with your own horse, you are very welcome, too. Veronica Wildmann is a fully qualified groom and horse trainer. You can book some riding lessons or a horse ride with her. The horses are put up in comfortable horseboxes and every day they can rage themselves out on the paddock.

The farm´s own Ponies, Haflinger and cold-blooded horses are very well trained and can be booked during your stay. Children can ride a Pony and if you or your kids would like to learn more about ground training, just take part in one of the courses. All year long it is also possible to book horse carriage or sleigh rides.

After riding your horse or one of the farm horses, you can spend some time with the other animals who live on the farm. You also can go for a walk, look at the sights of the Schliersee region or go for a swim.

Rosa Widmann offers special Energy-Aroma-Massages and you also can relax inside the ultra red cabin inside the Spa area of the farm.

Rosa Widmann
Der Langerbauer
Fischhauser Straße 10
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49 (0)8026-929184
Telefax: +49 (0)8026-929185
E-Mail: info(at) 


Horse carriage rides Spitzingsee
You can choose several tours with and without a stop around lake Spitzingsee, to the forester's lodge Valepp, to the so called “Blecksteinhaus” in the valley of Valepp and watch the feeding of wild animals. It is also possible to book a tour for visitors travelling by bus, for companies who would like to organise an annual works outing, family events and other occasions. 

Kutschfahrten Spitzingsee Martin Bacher
Endstall 4
83730 Fischbachau
Telefon:+49(0)162 9163040
E-mail: spitzingkutscher(at) 


Horse carriage rides Sprenger
The Sprenger farm lies at lake Schliersee and also is a wonderful place to stay during your holidays. Peter Sprenger offers holiday flats and rooms. As he loves his home country and his Haflinger - he loves to show you around and take you for a ride with his horse carriage. Haflinger are a very special horse breed, the animals love children and their character is very good, too.

You can choose short rides and long tours - Peter Sprenger will show you around. The company carriage has space for up to 14 persons, the huge sleigh carries up to 10 persons. It is also possible to book smaller horse carriages and sleighs, e.g.  for weddings, family or business events.

Kutschfahrten Sprenger
Kalkgraben 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 2800


Guest House and Organic Farm Sonnenstatter


Since the 19th century visitors are  welcome at the Guest House and Organic Farm Sonnenstatter in Schliersee. Family Hirtreiter has wonderful holiday rooms and especially families with children love to stay there, because they can help to take care of the farm animals and learn about farming. You will get to horses, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and cats.

Family Sonnenstatter offer horse riding holidays and you also can experience walking tours with horses, pack horse tours and horse carriage and sleigh rides. The company carriage has space for up to 18 persons, the Vis-à-vis-carriage for up to 7 persons and you also can book a wedding carriage, if you are planning a wedding nearby. The Esplanade-Sleigh offers up to 11 seats and if you want to hike through the snow, you can book a huge transport sleigh. You also can learn to work with a horse on the field or in the forest.

Kutschfahrten Hirtreiter
Schießstättstr. 7
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 20011


You would love to play tennis? Come and visit a wonderful tennis court at the Tennis club Schliersee. You can find the tennis facility at the “Kurpark”. It also has a great view towards the lake and the surrounding mountains.
The fee for a match costs €12,00 per hour. Guest card owners will receive a €0,50 discount.
Please book your tennis court at the Guest-Information-Office at the Vitalwelt, right next door of the tennis facility. The Tennis club Schliersee also offers professional training lessons in collaboration with the Tennis school Aigner/Karner. You will find the contact-data further below.

1935 the “Kurpark”, a library and the first three tennis courts at lake Schliersee have been built. 1946 the TSV Schliersee and the tennis department have been founded. During the 1970s the tennis courts have been built and a partnership has been developed with the Tennis club St. Moritz.

Since 1987, as part of the German Masters Series, the Tennis club Schliersee organizes one of the greatest national ranking tournaments. Early 2020 the tournament series have been renamed “DTB Premium Tour“. It has been honoured as “Best National Tournament” in 2006 and has been again nominated for this award in 2019. 2020, as of the new Sponsor Monte Mare, the name of the tournament has been changed into “Monte Mare Masters“.

Please visit the Homepage of the Tennis club Schliersee, if you want to receive more information about the Tennis Club and the Monte Mare Masters. If you would like to attend the Monte Mare Masters, please register at “mybigpoint“.

Tennis courts Schliersee
Perfallstr. 1d
83727 Schliersee

Tennis Trainer

Ilija Djurdjevic (30) is the new Tennis trainer at TC Schliersee. He is member of the famous Tennis school Aigner/Karner and manages the training modules at the tennis courts right next to the “Vitalwelt”. Ilija was born in Hilden near Düsseldorf and also grew up there. He started playing tennis when he was three years old and now works as certified tennis instructor, GPTCA ATP Certification / A-Licence. Before starting his work at the beginning of this season in Schliersee, he has worked for the Walter Grünefeld Academy Barcelona. He also worked many years at the Ealing Lawn Tennis Club in London. Besides Tennis, he also loves to work out and play golf. His motto: “Live healthy and stay healthy”!

Profile Ilija

Every day from 9 a.m. Ilija will coach young talents and ambitious adult members of the Tennis Club as well as all guests.

Please book your training lessons at the Tennis School Aigner-Karner 0173 681 44 68 or contact Ilija directly +34 699 55 72 91 via WhatsApp.

Training Rates:

The training rate for a 1 hour-lesson is €55 and the space rental fee costs €6.

As part of the Guest-Information-Active-Programme, Ilija also offers free introductory lessons for owners of the Schliersee Guest cards. Appointments for adults and children can be booked at the Guest-Information 08026 6065 0. Please notice that Tennis shoes or sport shoes without profile are required.

The Tennis Club Schliersee and its partner the Guest-Information Schliersee hope that many guests in Schliersee will take advantage of the offer. With the help of Tennis lessons newbies will see how much fun this kind of sport is and those with more experience will surely improve their skills.


TC Neuhaus is another Tennis Club in the region of Schliersee. Here is where all Tennis players from all classes meet. You can find the Tennis Courts at the stream called Hachelbach and can rent them hourly. The air-supported hall has two courts and here you also can play tennis during winter. The Clubhouse lies at the foot of the mountain Jägerkamp. During summer the so called Stüberl invites you for a snack and a cool drink after your match.

In winter the cross-country ski trail for beginners of the Hachelbach route starts on the ground of the TC Neuhaus. You can change clothes and take a shower at the Clubhouse. If you love exercising Biathlon with Laserlong guns, please contact the TC Neuhaus for further information.

Tennis Facility Neuhaus
Tennisschule AignerKarner
Marschall 77
83607 Holzkirchen

Jernej Karner +491736814468 Niklas Richstein +491759284517
E-Mail tennis(at)

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Football (Soccer)


If you want to play football (soccer) with your family and friends, you also can do that during your holiday in Schliersee. Next to the riverside of the lake lies the Clubhouse of the TSV Schliersee.

You can rent one of two football grounds outside the training sessions and football season. It is also possible to play in the evening or at night, because there is a floodlight. In the Clubhouse you will find locker rooms and a shower. After the game you then can visit the catering area of the Clubhouse and enjoy some Bavarian specialities.


TSV Schliersee 1st Chariman Hubert Strobl
Breitenbachstr. 13a
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 1862
E-Mail: hubert-strobl(at)


You love playing golf and do not want to miss your favourite sport during your holidays  at the Schliersee region? Maybe you even want to improve your handicap or play golf for the first time in your life? The region of Schliersse has many golf courses and welcome guests from all over the world:

Golf Valley

The Golf Valley site is a 27-hole-design golf course with specially cultured grass, as well as an extra  sophisticated irrigation and drainage system and a professional site with floodlights. The fastest way to get there, is to travel by car. Please drive along the Autobahn A8 from Munich to Salzburg and exit at Holzkirchen. Then turn on to the state road B 318 to Tegernsee. Please look out for the signs showing you the way to Golf Valley. After approximately 2.5 kilometres, you will reach the street leading you to the industrial park called Warngau. Please turn right here and after about 150 metres turn left. A few metres later, you will reach the parking lot of the golf course.

If you are looking for a professional golf trainer or want to strengthen your playing abilities, you can book a course at the Golfakademie Valley or a single practice session with a trainer.

Golf Valley GmbH
Am Golfplatz 1
83626 Valley
Phone: +49 (0)8024 902790
Fax: +49 (0)8024 9027999
E-Mail: info(at)


The golf site Magarethenhof is situated on a height of about 1.000 metres, near lake Tegernsee. The whole construction, including the hotel and a restaurant, has been built in 1984. It has been reconstructed in 2012 and now correlates with modern standards. Golf players from all over the world favour this golf course and think, it is one of the most attractive golf sites of the German speaking regions.

Newbies, professionals and children up to 4 years of age can choose several golf courses at the Golf-Academy.

Golf & Country Club Hotel Margarethenhof
Gut Steinberg 1 - 4
83666 Marienstein / Waakirchen,
Phone: +49 (0)8022 75060
Fax: +49 (0)8022 74818
E-Mail: info(at) 


Tegernseer Golf-Club Bad Wiessee e.V.


The Tegernseer Golf-Club Bad Wiessee e.V. provides a wonderful view to lake Tegernsee and the Alps. The golf site is full of varieties and at the same time also very challenging. Golf players can practice their techniques and strategical skills.

The 18-hole Parkland-Course has lots of old trees and the Clubhouse is situated in the middle of the site. You also can feel very comfortable during a stay at the Clubrestaurant and on the sun terrace.  Contact: Tegernseer Golf-Club Bad Wiessee e.V. Rohbognerhof 83707 Bad Wiessee Phone: +49 (0)8022 271130 Fax: +49 (0)8022 2711333 E-Mail: Internet:



Golfsite Tegernsee


The Golfsite Tegernsee is situated at a gorgeous location. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view towards the Tegernsee Alpine Upland and its mountains. The site is an 80-hectare estate and offers interesting and varying fairways.

KG Golfplatz Tegernsee
Golfplatz 1
83666 Waakirchen, OT Piesenkam
Phone: +49 (0)8021 9018654
E-Mail: info(at)

Games / Playgrounds

Shooting Sports


Archery is one of the world´s oldest hunting methods. Scientists assume that mankind has already used bows and arrows more than 14.000 years ago in order to hunt animals. Archery has developed to a popular sport during the 19th century. Nowadays archery is also an Olympic discipline. All year long you can practise archery at lake Schliersee. It is also possible to take part at one of the many tournaments. These regularly take place in the region of Schliersee.

Bows and arrows are very light  and they fulfil the latest technical development status. It is very important to wear close-fitting clothes and take off piercings, earrings, watches and necklaces, while shooting. This way you can avoid severe injuries. In winter, you should always wear warm outerwear and shoes.

During your training you will stimulate your body control, concentration and practice calmness. As bowman, you will cock the bow and then try to hit the target. Depending on the type of competition, you can choose between single-row or two-rowed shooting. The procedure is controlled by traffic light pre-emption. The aim of the competition is to hit the middle of the target. The arrow which is nearer to the centre of the target will receive the highest amount of points. Also, the distance and the size  of the target, as well as the time-limit and the maximum number of shots will be valued.

Air gun

Shooting sports have a very long tradition. In the past rifles, pistols and crossbows were used for hunting or for defence during a war. Today shooting sports are known as Olympic discipline. In Germany marksmen mostly are members of shooting clubs. The training takes place at the shooting range and on a regular basis the members also take part at shooting competitions.

The marksmen of the Schliersee shooting club organise shooting events during the evening from the end of June to the beginning of September. All guests visiting the region are warmly welcome to take part. Every Monday evening the holiday-makers can compete against each other at the shooting range with an air gun. The winner with the most strikes is the champion marksman of this evening. The three best marksmen will also receive a certificate and a prize. The fee for this evening is 5.- Euros for each holder of a valid guest card. The shooting club also serves Bavarian snacks and drinks at club´s own prices.

{"LNG":11.8659006, "LAT":47.7361204, "UK":"Schützenhaus - Schießstätte"}

Schützenhaus –Schießstätte
Schießstättstr. 7
83727 Schliersee

Beach Volleyball

Enjoy some sporting activities at the park lido in Schliersee. Here you can enjoy a whole day at the eastern side of the lake.

Visit the so called Aquapark and its 3 metres long diving tower, play beach volleyball and Ping-Pong as long as you want. On the sun terrace you will find a sunny beer garden. Here you can order some food and beverages for you and your loved ones.

In summer the lido is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The entrance fee is 3.50 Euros.


Strandbad Schliersee G.b.R
Seestraße 29a
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 209495

E-Mail: lochtom(at)


If you love to go bowling, you do not have to miss your favourite sport during your holiday in Schliersee. The Hotel Karma Bavaria has two bowling alleys and you can book one for you, your family and friends.

The main task for bowling is to try to move the bowling ball from one end to the other end of the bowling alley. The bowling ball has to be pushed so that it rolls its way to the end of the alley and hits the pins. The more pins you manage to hit during one round, the more points you can win. If you manage to hit all nine pins with one strike, you will receive the highest amount of points. The game is won by the player with the most points.

Book yourself a bowling alley and spend some quality time with family and friends during the evenings and on rainy days. Please call +49(0)8026 6080 or visit the hotel reception.

{"LNG":11.8562463, "LAT":47.7403416, "UK":"Kegeln Karma Bavaria"}

Sporting events

Alpine Triathlon

1988 the first alpine triathlon took place at lake Spitzingsee and lake Schliersee. In the meantime this event has developed itself to one of the most important triathlons of the Schliersee region. The Sixtus Schliesee Alpine Triathlon is staged as Olympic distance. All participants must swim 1.5 kilometres, run 10 kilometres and defeat a distance of 40 kilometres with their bikes.

Before starting, all participants will be registered in different categories. In order to take part at the running and swimming competition, teenager must be at least 14 years old. The minimum age for riding a bike is 15. You can find the exact timetable of the Sixtus Schliersee Alpine Triathlon at

Professional triathlon athletes as well as hobby athletes start the competition at the spa gardens at lake Schliersee. As soon as the swimming competition end, the bike competition starts. All athletes then have to ride along the Bavarian Alpine foothills to the „Spitzingsattel”. After reaching this stage of the race, they then have to run three loops through the breathtaking alpine landscape to lake Spitzingsee. The award ceremony starts during the afternoon at the „Vitalwelt Schliersee”.

All visitors of the Sixtus Schliersee Alpine Triathlon at the spa gardens in Schliersee can watch the supporting programme and the athletes. You can travel to the venue by car or train. If you prefer to travel by train, please get on the train of the „Bayerische Oberlandbahn” in Munich and get off in Schliersee. The train leaves every hour.
Visitors travelling by car just have to drive along the Autobahn A8 Munich-Salzburg and exit at Weyarn. From here, please turn to the state road B 307 and follow the signs to Schliersee. As soon as you have arrived, look for a parking lot at the main railway station.

{"LNG":11.8606505, "LAT":47.7338793, "UK":"Alpentriathlon Start"}

Sixtus international Tennis tournament

Once a year the crème de la crème of Tennis and league members come to Schliersee and try to compete against each other. The SIXTUS-Cup lasts four days and during this match the Tennis players meet at the Tennis court near the Vitalwelt. The best male and female Tennis player win at the end and are awarded with some trophy money and a certificate.

Since 1987, international Tennis matches take place in Schliersee. As the Tennis departments of the associations SG Hausham and TC Schliersee are closely connected to each other, the participants of the SIXTUS-Cup play one day at the SG Hausham Tennis Court and the rest of the time at the Tennis Court in Schliersee.

During the matches visitors can enjoy the framework programme, eat grilled sausages or some cake.

You can find the current documents of the SIXTUS-Cup and further information about the match at

{"LNG":11.85968757, "LAT":47.73416785, "UK":"Tennisplätze Schliersee"}

TC Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 3874142
E-Mail: info(at)

Yoga Days (Schlierseer Yogatage)

You would like to practise Yoga and want to learn how to do it right? Visit the Schliersee Yoga Days at the Vitalwelt in Schliersee. The courses take place the building and outside in the outdoor facility of the Vitalwelt Schliersee.

This yearly event has been developed by the Vitalwelt in 2011 and the two Yoga teachers Martina Wunderer and Ann-Katrin Ranft welcome colleagues from Germany and Austria, as well as referees from the region.

During this three day event which takes place in summer, everybody who is interested can visit several workshops and Yoga lessons.

For this event registration is required. You can find information of the agenda and book your favourite Yoga lessons at and at the Medius Schliersee.

{"LNG":11.86075, "LAT":47.73389, "UK":"Yoga Tage"}

Schlierseer Yogatage
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)152 524 54 668

Schliersee run and walk

Endurance sports are good for your health and also help to provide stress and tensions. Trailrunner, walking-lovers and Nordic-walker will find several long and short migration distances around the area of Schliersee and Spitzingsee. In the middle of a breathtaking landscape, far away from bituminised roads, you will run along stone and slip rock paths on alpine grounds, forests, meadows and at the bank of the lakes. 

One of the most popular running-events in Bavaria is the Sixtus Cup Schliersee. Once every year Trailrunners, runners and Nordic-Walkers  from all over the world meet here and compete against each other. Depending on their fitness-level they can choose between the distance of 21 kilometres, 10 kilometres or 7.5 kilometres.

During the afternoon the children run takes place. Children born in 2012 and younger can be registered  for this competition. All children born between 2002 and 2009 can take part at the 1-kilometre-run.

All running paths start and end at the vitalwelt Schliersee. Visitors of this event can watch the competitions and also enjoy the framework programme. Refreshments and delicious food are also being served. The Sixtus Cup startes at 2.00 p.m. on May, 12th 2018 (Youth and Children start at 12.00 a.m.). If you would like to register yourself or your family members, please visit the homepage

{"LNG":11.86075, "LAT":47.73389, "UK":"Vitalwelt"}

The Blue Ribbon Tournament (das „Blaue Band“ vom Schliersee)

The Sailing Club Schliersee(SSC) was founded in 1963. This was the same year in which the German-Sailing Association has been approved as registered association. The Clubhouse is at the northern lakeside of lake Schliersee. Here you will find a jetty, a slipway, a Club Shack with fitting rooms, showers and toilets for the club members and their guests.

Besides many regattas the SSC also organises the Blue Ribbon Tournament (das „Blaue Band“ vom Schliersee). If you are interested in long-distance regattas and in particular in the Blue Ribbon Tournament (das „Blaue Band“ vom Schliersee) - please visit the homepage Here you will find all information you need, e.g. registration, list of results of former boat tournaments of the Sailing Club Schliersee.

{"LNG":11.85610261, "LAT":47.73272864, "UK":"Hafen Schliersee"}

Schlierseer Segel-Club e.V.Harbour: Kurweg, 83727 Schliersee

Waldschmidtstr. 2 B
83727 Schliersee-Neuhaus

Phone: +49(0)8026 7509
Fax: +49(0)8026 782857
Email: schlierseer-segel-club(at)

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