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Doctors or non-medical practitioners
Veterinary surgeons

Doctors or non-medical practitioners

Nobody wants to get sick during the holidays, but if you have injured your foot during a hiking tour through the mountains, stayed much too long in the sun or got another medical problem, please visit a doctor. The medical supply in the region of Schliersee is very good and you will find the right help very fast.

Please contact the following institutions in case of an emergency:

Fire brigade/ Emergency physician/ Rescue service/ THW 
Phone: 112

Phone 110

Police station Miesbach
Tel.: +49(0)8025 2990

Medical standby duty of the Bavarian health insurance(KVB-services)
Phone: 116117

Please call the following numbers for physicians and pharmacies emergency services information:

Seemüller Apotheke (chemist)
Phone: +49(0)8026 94722

Kurapotheke Schliersee (chemist)
Phone: +49(0)8026 94819

Overview: Doctors,  medical specialists, dentists and non-medical practitioners in the region of Schliersee:


Dr. Kirchner & Kollegen
General medicine /Manual medicine/Chiropractic
Allgemeinmedizin/manuelle Medizin/Chirotherapie
Koglerweg 2
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 6516

Dr. med. univ.  Sascha  Dombrovsky
General medicine
Bahnhofstr. 10
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 94040

Dr. med. Franz Meister
General medicine / Homoeopathy / Chiropractic
Jägerkampstr. 2
83727 Schliersee - Neuhaus
Phone: +49(0)8026 782782


Ärztinnen am Schliersee
Dr. med. Fiona Pohlmann, Sophia M. Brouckart MBChB
Perfallstr. 1a
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49 (0)8026 4779




Dr. Georg Schreyer
Miesbacherstr. 2
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 6617

Zahnarztpraxis Jens Wollenhaupt
Lautererstr. 10
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 4848

Dr. Hagg & Dr. Spiegl
Miesbacherstr. 12
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 9288873

Dr. med. dent. Dirk Ostendorf
Josefstalerstr. 3c
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 71265


Non-medical practitioners:

Max Merkel
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 9229888


Anneliese Eham
Unterleiten 1
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 904058


Martin Auracher
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 9229888

Veterinary surgeons

If your pet is not feeling very well during your stay in the region of Schliersee or has a severe injury, please visit a vetenary surgeon. Your dog or cat will be treated very well and will feel better soon.

Here is a list of all veterinary surgeons in Schliersee and nearby:



Animal HosptalSchliersee


Dr. med. vet. Johanna Wild-Sommer

Neuhauserstr. 2

83727 Schliersee - Neuhaus

Phone: +49(0)8026 9209395




Dr. Regina Seemüller Veterinary practice for small animals and horses

Pürstling 1

83727 Schliersee - Althausham

Phone: +49(0)8026 4604

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Markt Schliersee
Gäste-Information Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49 (0)8026 6065 - 0

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