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Vitalwelt (Wellness, health, fitness and sport)
Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum
Schliersbergalm (Alpine pasture and Alpine hut)
Castle ruin Hohenwaldeck
Adventure trail
Museum of local history
Wendelstein loop line
Carriage rides


Many tourists travelling to the Schliersee region do not only want to experience the wonderful landscape, the hospitality and the sights, they also are looking for a time out and relaxation. Vitalwelt Schliersee offers everything you need, e.g. a spas and thermal springs. The building lies at the bank of lake Schliersee - so you also can enjoy the wonderful landscape around you, while relaxing in the pool or the sauna.

All facilities of „Vitalwelt Schliersee" can be found on 9.500 square metres. There is something for everyone and even the building itself provides a pleasant ambience. All rooms are well-lit and provide a wonderful view to the forests, the mountains and lake Schliersee.

At the „monte mare Vitaltherme" (thermal springs) you can swim in the 25 metre long pool, equipped with a bubble grotto, under water massage couches, a whirlpool and an outside salt pool with massage nozzles. You and your children can also have lots of fun sliding down the Black-Hole-Waterslide. Guests who love being active can take part at some courses in the bathing area and if you want to relax for a while, how about taking a nap in one of the recycling and rest areas inside and outside of the swimming bath. Also, children will have lots of fun here. They can stay at the paddling pool and will find lots of playing opportunities, too. The „monte mare Vitaltherme" combines modern facilities and covers everything concerning bathing, swimming, wellness, health, sauna, fitness and sport.

The„ monte mare Saunawelt" offers a broad variety of saunas, e.g. sauna steam treatments, a hops sauna, a rose quartz grotto, an outside kelo sauna or a Regenstein sauna. Afterwards you then can visit the relax sauna or lie down on one of the waterbeds in the chill-out room. You also will find adventure douches, water features and Kneipp basins.

Please do not forget to visit the rooftop garden or the fireplace room during your stay. To relieve some tension - how about booking some multiple-day arrangements, day-packages and individual wellness programs, e.g. massages, Ayurveda and Hot-Stone arrangements, as well as sensual spa treatments.

Please look at www.monte-mare.de/de/schliersee.html in order to achieve more information about entrance fees, opening hours and special offers of the „monte mare Vitaltherme and Saunawelt".


The tennis court of the Tennisclub Schliersee TCS offers special kinds of „Tennis-active-programs" and you also can take part at one of the many guest tournaments. Every year the „German Masters Series" are put on.

If you want to book a tennis court at the Tennisclub Schliersee or want to find out, when the next tennis tournament is taking place, please visit www.tc-schliersee.de - You also can book a tennis court at the Guest-Information-Schliersee.

The Osteo-Center Schliersee offers special treatments for 
musculoskeletal system (knees, shoulders, spinal column). Dr. Thierry Murrisch (specialist for physical and rehabilitative medicine, sport and preventive medicine), Martin Auracher and Max Merkel (registered medical homeopathic practitioners and physiotherapists, osteopaths D.O.) offer special individual therapeutic methods, after a close examination. For more information, please look at www.osteo-zentrum.de or visit the Osteo-Center „Rehabilitation-Sportmedizin-Schliersee“.

Before or after visiting the „Vitalwelt Schliersee" you might will be hungry. The Charivari-Restaurant, Café and Lake terrace offers lots of delicious meals. Lunchtime starts at 11 a.m. and all day long tasty coffee variations, cake and snacks are being served on the sun terrace. Dinner is also served during the evening.

Business events and Parties also can be booked at the Charivari-Schliersee. For more information and contact, please look at the homepage www.charivari-schliersee . The Charivari-Team is looking forward to preparing a non binding offer for your event.



Kids will love staying in the Schliersee region. The reason are lots of playgrounds at lake Schliersee and Spitzingsee. These play areas offer lots of fun and children can really can let off steam.


Playground at the spa park in Schliersee

The playground at the spa park has a great number of playing opportunities, e.g. swings, outdoor water adventures, a 24 metres long cable way, a hub, a rope end swing, a rotary hinge tree, a stilt parcour and a multifunctional playing tower. Almost all gaming devices are made of wood. Toddlers can play in the sandbox and build some sand castles. Another exciting play area is the big mud installation and a creek. Please make sure to take some extra bathing suits and clothes with you, as well as a towel and a blanket, so that your children can change clothes and will not catch a cold.

Next to the park you will find a kiosk, seats and sun and shade areas. Here you can sit down, and relax for a while. You can park your car nearby at the parking space and you also can find a public lavatory nearby (free of charge at the Vitalwelt Schliersee and fee based at the kiosk).

Playground at the eastern bank of lake Schliersee

More green play gardens can be found diagonally opposite of the park lido, next to the forest fairground. Parking spots are nearby and a fee based public lavatory can be used at the lido.

The playgrounds offer sandboxes, slides, swings, a single-axle see saw, a horizontal bar, a 40 metres long rope way and a ping-pong table.



Playground in Neuhaus at the Breitensteinstrasse

While visiting Neuhaus, park your car at the railway station Fischhausen-Neuhaus and walk to the park on the corner of Breitensteinstrasse/Josefstaler Strasse. Here you also can find a public lavatory.  Maybe you are lucky and will find a parking site near the park, which is free of charge.

Kids will love playing at the play area in Neuhaus. Here they can ride on a 30 metres long rope way, slide down the slide at the play tower. Small children can slide down the toddler climbing tower, rock on the double swing or play in the sandbox area. The childrens choo-choo train and the single-axle see saw are also very exciting for kids. Parents can play table tennis with their children. The ping-pong table is already waiting for you - the only thing you need are your table tennis rackets and a ping-pong ball.

Children who like to try to balancing on their feet or want to practise climbing will find lots of possibilities at the playground in Neuhaus. Adults and kids can also try to manage a balancing parcour in the forest nearby.


Playground at lake Spitzingsee

At the eastern bank of Schliersee near the lake promenade kids will have a great time playing on the playground. During this time, you can sit down and rest for a while. How about sitting on the special made stone seat or lying the sun lounger. From there you will have a wonderful view towards the mountains and the lake. Only about five minutes from the playground is a kiosk and a public restroom.

Children can ride on the roundabout, see-saw on special balancing elements, walk along the wobble runway, play on the bar or the rope end swing. They also can exercise their body-tension and balance on a Slackline, a balancing Slackline and a balancing bridge.

[ {"LNG":11.86176896, "LAT":47.73304396, "UK":"Spielplatz am Kurpark"}, {"LNG":11.86975121, "LAT":47.72648956, "UK":"Spielplatz Waldfestplatz"}, {"LNG":11.88182652, "LAT":47.69980429, "UK":"Spielplatz Neuhaus"}, {"LNG":11.88773274, "LAT":47.66366948, "UK":"Spielplatz Spitzingsee"} ]


Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum

The Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum has been opened in May 2007. It is a small village with lots of farms and has been initiated by Markus Wasmeier - double Olympic gold medallist and world champion. The aim of the exhibition is to preserve and protect the cultural heritage for future generations.

The skiing legend Markus Wasmeier not only was one of the best German skiers. He achieved his greatest success in giant slalom and in 1985 the world championship. During the Olympic Games in 1994 in Lillehammer he won a gold medal for Super-G and giant slalom. The same year he has been nominated as the first male skier for Sportsman of the year.

After the Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum in Schliersee has been opened, he has been awarded with the Bavarian sports prize in the category "Top athlete plus" and the Bavarian OM. He is very  attached to his home country and therefore he has also been awarded as citizen of honour in his home town Schliersee.

The Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum Schliersee is in Fischhausen-Neuhaus, near the southern bank of lake Schliersee. On a terrain of 60.000 square metres you will find ten historical buildings with farms from the upland. Here you and your family can see how the people have lived and worked during the last centuries. Every single component of every house has been transported to Neuhaus, restored and rebuilt.

Almost all buildings at the Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum are barrier-free accessible. At the public house you also can find a dissability-friendly lavatory. Most of the buildings can be visited with a carer. Wheelchairs can be borrowed free of charge on site for every visitor depending on  this helping aid.

Dog owners and their leashed four-legged friends are always welcome, too. In front of all renovated buildings there are special hooks for leashes. Please notice that dogs are not allowed to enter the buildings. At the cash till excrement bags are being handed out. These bags are free of charge. After you have cleaned up after your dog, please through the bag in the rubbish bin.

On the grassland of the museum you will find old breeds of farm animals, some of them are even endangered, e.g. chickens, geese, cows, pigs and mountain sheep. Also, old cultivated plants, Alpine herbs and several vegetables also are being cultivated on the grassland and in the cottage gardens.

If you are hungry, come and visit the guest house or the beer garden and enjoy some Bavarian specialities. Also do not miss tasting some beer which has been being brewed in the brewery of the museum which is called the „Schöpfbrauerei". The traditional recipe is about 300 years old.

At regular intervals also events take place at the Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum Schliersee. All information about cultural events, handcraft markets, music events and the Christmas market, as well as the opening hours, admission charges and other services can be found at www.wasmeier.de.

{"LNG":11.877991, "LAT":47.7078267, "UK":"Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum"}

„Markus Wasmeier open-Air Museum Schliersee"

Brunnbichl 5
83727 Schliersee / Neuhaus
Phone: +49(0)8026 92922-0
Telefax: +49(0)8026 92922-29
E-Mail: office(at)wasmeier.de
Internet: www.wasmeier.de


SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whiskey Distillery was founded in 1999 by Florian Stetter. During an educational trip through Scotland, he thought it would be a great idea to produce Whiskey in Bavaria. At the Hopf Brewery in Miesbach he learnt to be a brewer. During this time, he produced his first Whiskey mash.

The name „Slyrs" has been the name of a monastery at the lake Schliersee. At the same time this name still is used as an expression for the green-yellow streaks found inside the mountain sediments. You can see them throughout the whole region of Schliersee. This is why the whole region also has been called „Slyrs". During the passage of time the name changed and nowadays is known as „Schliersee".

2007 the company moved to Neuhaus and Florian Stetter passed the management to his brother Anton and his business executive Thomas Flothmann. All Whiskeys are made of Bavarian corn and Alpine mountain water. The most popular Whiskeys are the three year old Single Malt Vintage Whiskey, developed by Hans Kemenater and his team, SLYRS Whisky Liqueur (30 % Vol.), the Barrel-Finishings of the SLYRS Whiskeys and the limited editions SLYRS Whiskeys, which are being stored in up to 50 year old barrels of the port wine wineries of the Duoro Valley and the most famous Bodegas of Jerez. 2014 the SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky Distillery won an award for „Best Single Malt Whisky in Europe“ for the finishing in a PX barrel.

Visit the adventure distillery in Schliersee/Neuhaus and get to know everything about the Whiskey production. Watch the video film about the whole distillation procedure and then join a guided tour through the distillery or discover the factory on your own. All details are shown on information boards and at the end of every tour, you can take part at a dégustation on the gallery of the barrel hall. Here you can also enjoy looking at the Wendelstein massif.

Inside the Slyrs Shop you will find lots of souvenirs, accessories, Lantenhammer Fruit Brandy and SLYRS Bavarian Single Malt Whisky. Please notice, the purchase is limited to one bottle per person.

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, also on public holidays
  • Public Guided tour on mondays at 2 p.m.


  • Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., no advanced reservation necessary but welcome

Admission charges:

  • Entrance fee/walk-through: 9,90 €
  • Guided tours:   90,00 € per group, entrance fee 9,90€ per person
  • Free admission for Children and Teenager up to 18 years (no dégustation)

{"LNG":11.8853022, "LAT":47.7025799, "UK":"Slyrs Destillerie"}

SLYRS Destillery
Bayrischzeller Straße 13
83727 Schliersee/Neuhaus
Phone: +49 (0)8026 9222795
Fax: +49 (0)8026 9222933
E-Mail: info(at)slyrs.de
Internet: www.slyrs.de

Schliersberg Alp

The Schliersberg Alp  is one of the most popular destinations of the Schliersee region. The former Alpine hut on the mountain is now a hotel and also has a restaurant. The building lies at a height of 1.061 metres and has been built in 1903. Nearby is a summer toboggan-run and a cable railway. The cable railway was built in 1952 and departs every 15 minutes between 8.30 a.m. and 10 p.m. It always commutes between Schliersee and Mount Schliersberg and back.

Travelling to Schliersee by car, just drive on the Autobahn A 8 towards Salzburg and exit at Weyarn. From here follow the road to Schliersee and the valley station of the cable Railway. Here you can park your car and ride up with the cable car to the Schliersberg Alp. You also can walk up the mountain. The pathway will take you approximately one hour.

The Hotel is opened all year and the restaurant and beer garden serves German specialities as well as regional dishes. All products originate from regional organic farms.

Day trippers love to come here, enjoy the lovely food and the wonderful view around them. During your stay, your children will have a great time, too. They can have fun at the playground, jump on the trampoline, play crazy golf on a 9-hole-miniature golf course or ride on the children's merry-go-round.

The summer toboggan-run is more than 950 metres long and meanders from the Schliersberg Alp to the valley station. Do not miss riding down the hill on a sunny day - this really is great fun for the whole family!


Hotel- und Seilbahn-Betriebs GmbH (=Hotel and cable car limited company)
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026/6723  
Fax: +49(0)8026/6699
Email : info(at)schliersbergalm.de 
Internet: www.schliersbergalm.de 

Schliersbergalm Hotel und Gastronomie GmbH (=Schliersberg Alp Hotel and gastronomy limited
83727 Schliersee
Email hotel(at)schliersbergalm.com 
Internet www.schliersbergalm.com

Castle ruin Hohenwaldeck

The castle ruin Hohenwaldeck lies between Neuhaus and Schliersee and is one of the most romantic and mysterious places to visit.

Just put on your alpine boots and walk up the hill to a height of about 209 metres above the lake level. You can start your tour from your hotel or holiday flat near the lake or you can drive to Neuhaus and start hiking from there.

This former fortress was built approximately at the end of the 13th century. The owner, Count Waldeck was a reeve of the monastery of Schliersee. He had the fortress built on a ledge. But nowadays you only can see a few stone walls left here.

The mysterious place is surrounded by very old trees and their thick grown roots. Enjoy the view around you and if you want to see more, walk along the path towards Oberleiten and back to Schliersee.

The history of the former residents could not be totally unveiled, yet. Some researchers assume that the foundation walls have already been built by Romans. Other historians even think, the former refuge has been built during 1150 and 1250. The fortress only has been occupied from time to time.

The existence of Castle Hohenwaldeck ended tragically – 1480 a rock fall occurred and almost the whole construction has been destroyed. Only the tower was still intact. Over the centuries this has fell victim to erosion and now only a few fragments and mossy lumps of rocks remind of the former fort.

The last descendent of the noble lineage of Waldeck died in 1516 and the Earl of Maxlrain took over the ruin. His last successor died in 1731 and the castle ruin has been forfeited to the Electorate of Bavaria.

The original picture of Castle Hohenwaldeck has been captured as painting on a yellow flag. This yellow flag is exhibited at the Local Museum Schliersee.

{"LNG":11.87686443, "LAT":47.715515, "UK":"Burgruine Hohenwaldeck"}

For more information, please contact:
Guest Information Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 60650
Fax.: +49(0)8026 606520
E-Mail: tourismus(at)schliersee.de
Internet: www.schliersee.de 

Adventure trail

Next to the western bank of lake Schliersee you will find the Schliersee adventure trail. It lies between the lido and the Alpine hut called „Rixneralm" and is about 500 metres long. This lovingly designed loop road is ideal for families with children. You will find six interactive stops where you can try to play a wooden xylophone, look through a wooden spy-glass, walk along a barefoot path, try some balancer-elements and take a break at the huge place called the „Brotzeitplatz".

In order to manage all challenges along the way, all stops are provided with signs, showing you, how to use the devices. Enjoy the fun during your walk and do not miss taking your shoes off at the barefoot path. This is filled with different materials, e.g. sand, bark mulch, gravel and local wood. Walking barefoot is not only good for the muscles of your feet, but also for your body and mind. Every single stop has been developed by the pupils of the primary school in Neuhaus. The students also regularly check the adventure trail  and keep it tidy.

{"LNG":11.85764909, "LAT":47.71708861, "UK":"Erlebnispfad"}

For more information, please check:
Guest Information Schliersee
Perfallstr. 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 60650
Fax.: +49(0)8026 606520
E-Mail: tourismus(at)schliersee.de
Internet: www.schliersee.de 

Local museum

The local museum of Schliersee provides lots of information about the history of the region, its people and culture. The historical building is not the only treasure worth visiting, also the traditional costumes of the 17th up to the 20th century and the artfully designed glass from the glass factory of Schliersee, produced during 1870 to 1914.  

Agricultural tools, as well as machines for the production of linen and fishing tackles are shown in the attic. A smaller sized reproduction of an Alpine hut shows the life of a woodcutter during the old days. Also very interesting, the everyday life and the articles of daily use of the people, living during the time of the industrialisation, e.g. a birch plane (1/3 of the original size).

Since 1916 this historical building is used as local museum. It lies in the heart of Schliersee and has been built during the 14th century as the so called „Schredl“-House. The building with its natural stone storefront was owned by the former county „Hohen Waldeck". The ceilings, e.g. joist ceilings of the rooms, the smoke room (=„Raachkuchä") with its basic commodities and the tunnel vault (=„Waldeckerbau") are still original. Next to the original building you will find another house. This farm has been built during the 15th century.

The local museum of Schliersee is open from early May to the end of October. All year long guided tours can be booked for groups of three persons and more. In order to plan these tours, please call Mr. Berndt (+49(0)8026 4397) within three days previously.

The entrance fee is 3,- Euro for adults and children up to 16 years 1,- Euro. Children under 6 years are free of charge. Adults owning the Schliersee Guest Card only are charged a fee of 2,00 Euro.

The „Heimatfreunde Schliersee"(=local club of the region of Schliersee) invites everyone to join the end of the year event taking place on December 31st. Every year at 6 p.m. the tower trumpeters (=Schlierseer Turmbläser) play in front of the local museum - a wonderful way to say farewell to the old year and to welcome the new year.

{"LNG":11.863408, "LAT":47.734566, "UK":"Heimatmuseum Schliersee"}

local museum of Schliersee
Lautererstraße 8, 83727 Schliersee
Phone: +49(0)8026 7343
Opening hours: Wed to Sat from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The museum is opened from May to October
Registration required for guided tours (all year long)
Mr. Berndt +49(0)8026 4397

Wendelstein loop line

Discover the region of Schliersee, the river Leitzach valley (=Leitachtal), the upper Bavarian river Inn valley (=Inntal) and the Sudelfeld mountain landscape, by travelling with the Wendelstein loop line. Four times per day, during the middle of May until the end of October the bus runs along this route. Passengers can hop on and off at every bus station, in order to wander around or to visit one of the many wonderful sights of the region. All in all the ride around the Wendelstein loop line takes about 3.5 hours. Please download the updated timetable with the correct departure times. It is always possible to stay on the bus, ride around and look out of the window. Do not miss to take some pictures of the mountain Wendelstein. It is 1.838 metres high and one of the most famous mountains of the Bavarian Alps.

All holders of the Schliersee Guest Card (=Schlierseer Gästekarte) are free of charge for the Wendelstein loop line bus ride.

If you are looking for some tour tips for hikes or sightseeing-tips around lake Schliersee and the region around, you will find some free brochures at the Tourist Information Office and at many stops along the Wendelstein loop line.

{"LNG":11.87446654, "LAT":47.70593337, "UK":"Wendelstein-Ringlinie Bahnhof Neuhaus"}

Phone:+49(0)8066 906333
E-Mail: info(at)wendelstein-ringlinie.de
Internet: www.wendelstein-ringlinie.de/index-pc.htm

Horse-drawn carriage ride in Schliersee and Spitzingsee

Horse lovers, who do not like to ride a horse, but still would love to travel around Schliersee and Spitzingsee in a small group with a horse-drawn carriage have a lot of opportunities during their stay. It is also possible to stay overnight at a farm and to ride a horse every day or to explore the region of Schliersee with an experienced coachman and his horse-drawn carriage.
During winter, you can also book a horse-drawn sleigh - a very exciting and also romantic way, to enjoy the wonderful sights of Schliersee and Spitzingsee.

Here a list of horse-drawn carriage ride providers in Schliersee and Spitzingsee:

The Asenbauer farm

Here you can book holiday apartments and rooms and start your day with a hiking tour, a bike or horse ride or a horse-drawn carriage. The farm lies near the southern bank of lake Schliersee. The farm is owned by family Holzer.

During your stay you can learn to ride a Haflinger or a cold-blooded horse and enjoy guided horse rides through the mountains, valleys and forests. Also, you can book a horse-drawn carriage ride during summer and during winter a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow. Children are allowed to help to look after the farm animals and to play in the garden. Adults are offered wellness-treatments and meditation sessions during the evenings - the perfect way to relax after a long and stressing day.

Fischhauser Straße 6
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 6629

Rötzers horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides at lake Spitzingsee

During a round trip around lake Spitzingsee, to the Valepp Alpine pasture or a tour to the game animal feeding area, followed by a stop at the “Blecksteinhaus”, you will hear some exciting anecdotes and stories of the region. During a tour around the lake, the Alpine area Valepp or to the wildlife feeding area followed by a stop at the Blecksteinhaus, you will hear lots of stories and anecdotes. All tours start at the seaside, next to the Arabella Sheraton Alpenhotel at lake Spitzingsee. The carriages and sleighs can also be booked for special occasions like weddings or company outings.

Kutschfahrten Spitzingsee Martin Bacher
Endstall 4
83730 Fischbachau
Phone:+49(0)162 9163040
E-Mail: spitzingskutscher(at)web.de



Sprenger Horse-drawn carriage rides

The Sprenger farm lies next to lake Schliersee. Here you can also book a holiday flat for your stay. Peter Sprenger loves his home and his Haflinger. These horses are known by their wonderful character and are very child-friendly. You can choose lots of different horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides. The company carriage provides space for up to 14 people and the big sleigh for up to 10 people. The Sprenger farm also has small carriages and sleighs, wedding carriages and many more for all kinds of occasions.


Kutschfahrten Sprenger
Kalkgraben 4
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 2800
Internet: www.kutschfahrten.schliersee.de




Guest house and organic farm Sonnenstatter

Since the 19th century the guest house and organic farm Sonnenstatter is known as accommodation facility in Schliersee. Family Hirtreiter welcomes their overnight guests and love showing them how to work at a farm. During your stay you and your children can take care of the horses, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and cats.

Besides riding a horse, you can attend a horse accompanied walking tour, packhorse tour, horse-drawn carriage and sleigh tours. Also, it is possible to learn how to work with a horse in the forest or on the field. You also can book a wedding carriage, a „Vis-a-vis" carriage for up to 7 people and a company carriage for up to 18 people. During winter family Hirtreiter offers horse sleigh rides with the so called „Promenade"-sleigh for up to 11 persons and a big transport sleigh, e.g. for long distance hiking tours.



Kutschfahrten Hirtreiter
Schießstättstr. 7
83727 Schliersee
Phone:+49(0)8026 20011

[ {"LNG":11.8660068, "LAT":47.7103157, "UK":"Asenbauer-Hof"}, {"LNG":11.8875289, "LAT":47.66294601, "UK":"Rötzer Spitzingsee"}, {"LNG":11.85660839, "LAT":47.74627113, "UK":"Sprenger Schliersee"}, {"LNG":11.8659006, "LAT":47.7361204, "UK":"Sonnenstatter Schliersee"} ]



as listed in text above

Mountain carts - Great fun for the whole family - the latest attraction at lake Spitzingsee!

Mountain carts are a special kind of go-cart developed for riding down the mountain roads. When riding down these specially declared roads to the valley, you can enjoy speeding up and looking around the countryside. The road is about 3.5 kilometres long and runs along a forest road from the mountain station „Stümpflingbahn" and „Suttenbahn" to the „Stümpfling"-valley station.

Fun and safety are guaranteed during this ride. The stability is being supported by a low balance point and a wide wheel base of the carts. The smooth-running disc brake provides lots of control, while driving downhill. The mountain cart rental station is at the mountain stations of both alpine rail roads. These also serve as distributor for carts and guests coming from Spitzingsee and from Rottach-Egern. If you would like to enjoy some Bavarian dishes and other regional specialities, the kitchen staff of the „Jagahütt`n", next to the mountain stations, is the best place nearby. Children up to twelve sears must be attended by grown-ups. Children at a height of 1.35 metres can drive a mountain cart without parental guidance. Please notice! Riding a mountain cart occurs at your own risk. The licensee and operator of the mountain carts will not be liable for any accidents.

{"LNG":11.85733259, "LAT":47.65994271, "UK":"Stümpflingbahn Bergstation"}

Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee
Lyraweg 6
83727 Schliersee/ Spitzingsee
Phone: +49 (0)8026 9292230
E-Mail: info(at)alpenbahnen-spitzingsee.de
Internet: www.alpenbahnen-spitzingsee.de

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Gäste-Information Schliersee
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